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Last month’s Survivor Series PPV was perhaps the worst since the inaugural event back in 1987. A number of factors played a part in this: the booking was so lax that it took to the go home Raw six days before the event for there to be a semblance of a card and it followed on the back of a series of PPVs having screwy endings.

One thing was obvious, however, from the show and that is that it will be Roman Reigns who will be the breakout star of The Shield. When the group debuted on our screens at Survivor Series 2012 the consensus was split pretty much 50/50 between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as to who would be the one to fly highest upon the inevitable break-up of the stable.

By Craig Wilson

After all, in Rollins there was the guy that had been a darling of the indy scene and based on the success of both Punk and Bryan – who had similar backgrounds – there was the belief he’d flourish when thrust into singles action. Then again, in Ambrose there was the guy that had drawn comparisons to ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper due to his skills on the mic.

This left Reigns very much in the shadow of his two comrades. Sure, he had the size and look that the WWE traditionally likes but with him in the enforcer role within the group it was surely the other two whose stars would shine the brightest.

Whilst it was Reigns’ spear that was causing the most damage to those that stood in their way, it was Ambrose that the WWE trusted with a singles title run and it was Rollins that grabbed the headlines with his bump at TLC 2012.

The tide has begun to shift in recent months as the company teased dissension in the ranks of The Shield as they became more and more associated with Triple H and Randy Orton. At Survivor Series last month – in the traditional 5 v 5 tag match pitting The Shield, Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger against Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Usos and Rey Mysteroi – it was Reigns who, ahem, reigned supreme eliminating four of his opponents en route to being his team’s sole survivor.

What can we expect next from the latest member of the Anoa’I family to become an integral part of WWE programming – after Yokozuna, Umaga, The Usos and The Rock? It’s not outwith the realm of possibility to see him as a contender to win January’s Royal Rumble and earn a title shot for Wrestlemania.

It’s probably more likely though, that he’ll have a Rumble performance akin to Kane or Diesel in previous years – not the victor but eliminating the most superstars during the match and continuing his ascension to the upper echelons of the card.

The Rumble would also provide him the perfect opportunity to continue to separate himself from his colleagues in The Shield. Perhaps by eliminating them from the proceedings, a booking decision not too dissimilar from how Randy Orton broke away from his Legacy cohorts Ted DiBiase jr. and Cody Rhodes back in 2010.

One thing is for sure, the powers at be are clearly behind Reigns. He’s been the one that has been booked the strongest – rarely being on the receiving end of a pinfall loss – and has been a focal point of the group’s Triple Powerbomb manoeuvre.

At TLC this Sunday it will be interesting to see how The Shield’s 3 on 1 handicap match against CM Punk plays out. Don’t be too surprised if it is Reigns that pins Punk. One thing is for sure, the only way is up for Roman Reigns. It’s only a matter of time before he gets a run with a singles title.


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  1. Ooooorrrrrr. It could be that he needs more help to get over after the split so they are going to give him a little head start. He’s good but not great. At best he may get a run like Batista did. Most likely though he’ll be the next Mike Knox or Snitsky. You need to be able to carry a conversation to get over in the modern WWE. I don’t think he’ll ever have anything fresh to say once he is given that chance to talk. Ambrose on the other hand….

    • Hi Ian, thanks for the comment. You’re right, he is good and not great but he has the look. I think the way that the WWE have protected him so far and made him look strongest – even when The Shield had their dip in fortunes – shows that the powers that be are high on him. A Batista type run may not be wide of the mark at all.

      As for promo skills, absolutely. Ambrose is a fantastic talker but Reigns lack of ability in that field can be covered. They could pre-record his promos or stick him with a manager. There are ways round that. But, you make a valid point, he needs that to get to the very top. Time’s on his side though.


  2. Maybe if Ambrose weren’t constantly hogging the mic, we could get to hear Reigns speak. I’m not saying he is going to be the next Ric Flair, but he has all the attributes to be a huge success, as long as he can borderline cut a promo.

    I’d say getting a run like Batista “at best” would be better than 99% of people who pass through the company get. He would be lucky to reach the heights that Batista did, but I expect him to do just that.

    Just because Ambrose can speak and he happens to be small, the IWC demand that he be put in the WWE title picture immediately. The reality is Reigns has a lot more going for him and is much more buyable as a main event calibre superstar.

  3. Boy some people need to check out u tube videos when reigns get the chance to talk he does very well on the mic. I am very involved with roman because I believe he in one in a million he has everything vince loves looks very hot he is big and strong and over the last several months he has been outstanding in the ring. I hated the shield but there is something about roman I cannot wait to watch wrestling every week and I have been watching off and on for almost thirty years and he is going to be the Starr as were his father and uncle and did not like them at all.roman reigns will do what no one has ever done at royal rumble and I believe he will take the united states champioship on his way to the top he will be babyface and give it six months and so will Seth rollins as for dean he will remain heel and the least likable of the three. Just my opinion.

  4. […] been more than three weeks since we seen Seth Rollins turn against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose as part of Triple H‘s ‘plan b’ to ensure The Shield is no […]


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