It would be an understatement to say that Mario Balotelli has had a poor start to his Liverpool career.

One goal in just eight games speaks for itself and it won’t be long before Liverpool fans start to believe that their £16m was wasted on a dud.

However, it looks like Super Mario isn’t even interested in trying to work on his goalscoring as he took to UFC during a training session instead.

By Scott MacArthur – @scottmacarthur8

The Italian striker posted the following picture to his Instagram tagging UFC fighter Vitor Belfort and thai boxer Giorgio Petrosyan.

We’d work on kicking something else Mario. I don’t know, perhaps a ball? Into a net?



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  1. Author should look up some terms before posting an article like this.
    “UFC” is an organisation within the sport of MMA.
    “UFC” is short for “Ultimate Fighting Championship,” not “Ultimate Fighting.”

    Its comparable to saying “Balotelli plays Premier League.”
    No, he plays football IN The Premier League.


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