Some will argue that the job of a co-commentator shouldn’t affect whether or not you enjoy a football match.

After all, you can just turn down your volume and ignore the random babbling of these buffoons.

But I would argue that the job of a co-commentator is one of the most important in the beautiful game.

It’s their job to add the tactical know-how that is beyond the comprehension of us mere simpletons.

The entertainment factor is essentially in their hands and you need to have the right balance between witty banter and professional decorum.

And trust us, that’s not as easy as it sounds…just ask Andy Gray.

So, The Independent decided to run a poll, regarding the capability and popularity of our nations football wingmen….

By Stuart Hynd – @supers0nic_

According to the paper, over 2,500 people registered votes in a four-hour voting period.

Co-commentators involved included, Gary and Phil Neville, Clarke Carlisle, Niall Quinn, Alan Smith, Mark Lawrenson, Michael Owen and Andy Townsend.

It won’t surprise you to learn that Townsend topped the poll as the worst of the lot, with 37% of all voters choosing the former Republic of Ireland international.

Owen was in second place with 23%, Lawrenson third with 13% and Phil Neville rounded off the top four with 10% of the vote.

At the other end of the spectrum viewers decided Carlisle was worthy of 8% and ex-Sunderland striker Quinn of just 4%.

By far the most likeable of the co-commentators included were Smith (3%) and Neville(2%).

We can’t help but totally agree.

Smith will always have a special place in our hearts, after all, he’s the voice of one of the best football games of all time in FIFA 15.

And Neville, well anyone that reacts to a Fernando Torres goal like this, is fine by us:



What do you think? Give us your view! You never know, someone might just agree with you.

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