Houston Texans have started the season 3–3. The weird thing is that the two last losses were the two best games. Arian Foster is shining in the backfield and JJ Watt is playing like a true MVP. Andre Johnson just came to life last game, and the 1st overall draft pick Jadeveon Clowney is expected back soon.

This is why I think Ryan Mallett should take the starting position at QB right NOW. Fitzpatrick isn’t Fitzmagic anymore (was he ever?), and the game ending fumble against the Colts was the final straw.

By Mattis Holt – @matrixholt

Yes – Houston Texans might win 7 or 8 games with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the playmaker. He has the routine, he makes some great plays. But I have to ask: What are Bill O’Briens goals for the season? AFC South championship? Playoffs? … 1st overall draft pick?

Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the future of the Houston Texans. Ryan Mallett might be. Or the rookie Tom Savage. The problem with both Mallett and Savage is that we don’t know how good they are. Mallett has completed one pass in the NFL. Savage did break some records in college, but he is already 24 years old.

With someone else at quarterback, Houston Texans have a fair shot at the Wild Card spot. With Fitzpatrick, that won’t happen. Take a shot. Start Ryan Mallett. Let us see that strong-arm. Let him smash some passes to Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins. It might be magical. It might be a new Houston Texans.


What do you think? Give us your view! You never know, someone might just agree with you.

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