Chelsea square off against European minnows Maribor tonight at Stamford Bridge for what should be an absolute walkover for the Blues.

Diego Costa is a doubt for the game but Jose Mourinho’s men should comfortably dismantle the Slovenians.

However, what are Chelsea’s chances of going on and winning the whole thing?

Some would claim they are destined to do very well in the Champions League this year, considering the money spent in the summer.

We don’t share this opinion.

In fact, we don’t think they have a hope in hell of conquering Europe and here’s why…

By Daylin Docherty – @daylin_docherty

1. Semi Final Hoodoo

Chelsea have only scored one goal in six semi-finals under Jose Mourinho.

The Londoners may have won the biggest club competition in Mou’s absence but they are yet to get over the infamous semi-final hurdle with the Portuguese at the helm.

Chelsea managed two finals with both Avram Grant and Roberto Di Matteo, but there is a definite mental hurdle for the Special One and Chelsea when it comes to the semi’s.

2. There Are Better teams

Chelsea have made a frightening start to the Premier League season with Diego Costa in ridiculous form.

However, what have Chelsea faced?

Yes, they have seen off Arsenal and got a point off Manchester City.

However, how would Chelsea cope with Bayern Munich? Real Madrid? Or even (dare I say) Barcelona once more?

3. Can The Big Players Step Up?

Chelsea have a sorry past of big money signings not performing greatly. Should we list them?

…I don’t think we have enough space!

Chelsea need the likes of Hazard, Diego Costa and Oscar to lead by example in Europe, just as they have done already in the Premier League.

 4. Luck Isn’t On Their Side

To go back to the semi-final hoo-doo, two incidents stick out.

Firstly, can referees perform in Chelsea’s favour?

Cast your mind back to 2009; Andres Iniesta scunnered the Blues with his late strike in a game which will forever be remembered for Didier Drogba’s “Fucking disgrace” rant.

Why was it such a disgrace?

Well, the Norwegian referee turned a blind eye to some tackling that seemed more at home in the WWE.

Secondly, can John Terry keep both his feet on the ground this time around?

It seems (with the exception of winning the trophy in 2012) Chelsea aren’t exactly the luckiest in the competition.

5. Jose Mourinho

One of Chelsea’s downfalls may surprisingly come from within.

Jose is the master of mind games but what if he played a mind game against himself?

Would Jose win or would Jose lose?

What I’m getting at is Mourinho could cost Chelsea the Champions League.


Mourinho hasn’t won the Champions League at Chelsea.

Yes, he has won it at Porto and Inter and fair play to him but Chelsea is the dream he is yet to fulfil.

He should have won it at Real Madrid but didn’t.

So what is stopping him from not doing that at Chelsea? He has a connection with the fans, the club and the players. It means far more to him to win at Chelsea and he may just get inside his own head and prevent himself from ever winning it.

If you’re as pessimistic as us about Chelsea’s chances, Maribor are at 20/1 tonight to win… go on, you know you want to!


What do you think? Give us your view! You never know, someone might just agree with you.

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