About Us

We launched Talking Baws as a daily football features website in March 2012 before developing the site to cover the most interesting stories in sport.

You won’t find us talking about who Roman Abramovich plans to splash his Russian millions on. Similarly, we won’t get Andy Murray’s latest thoughts on his Wimbledon chances. And there’s only so many match reports you can read online.

But what we will do is give you sports with a twist. We’ll pick out the stories you won’t really see elsewhere. Whether it’s an American football player taking to Twitter to get closer to his fans, or a Scottish football team pimping themselves out with a brand spanking new team bus and all the trimmings, we’ll talk about it. Sport is all about entertainment, so why should we take it so seriously?

Talking Baws is short, simple and shareable sport.

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook too.

Further information can be found on our contact page here.

Enjoy your time on the site. Let’s make this a regular thing.


What do you think? Give us your view! You never know, someone might just agree with you.

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