It’s quickly becoming a tradition of a “Masters” nature, but a lot louder and not as much hideous attire. There are certain guarantees in life – death, taxes, and if the Giants win a playoff series, Madison Bumgarner is going to chug multiple beers to the face all at once. By Peter Zampa – @pzamp […]

It’s the ones that fly under the radar and come up to bite you late at night, or in October, that are the deadliest. But they’re also the most entertaining. By Peter Zampa – @pzamp For the last three decades, the Kansas City Royals have toiled in anonymity, however the 2014 edition of the team […]

Jose Bautista is known to baseball and Blue Jay fans as being one of the leagues very best hitters as he’s averaged over 37 home runs the last 5 seasons. Apparently he’s also pretty good at hitting home runs on Twitter, as he embarrassed Toronto media member Steve Simmons following the American League wildcard game. […]

The Pittsburgh Pirates clinched the National League Central Division tonight with a win over the Atlanta Braves. But that isn’t the most important thing here. The most important part isn’t the baseball, its the celebration. And the Pirates did it in style. By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde I’d like to party with these guys. Some […]

Cincinnati Reds beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2 today in a win which had pitcher Johnny Cueto all excited. As the Reds tied up their 16th victory of the season, the Dominican celebrated with a tickle of fellow pitcher Mike Leake’s balls:

Sports stars make us jealous. They make loads of money, are idolised by fans across the world and seem to have a lot of fun doing what they love. Oh, and they almost always seem to get the girl too, just ask Justin Verlander. The Detroit Tigers pitcher presented his girlfriend, super-duper model Kate Upton with […]

The Oakland Athletics traded Yoenis Cespedes to the Boston Red Sox for Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes last week in a move which may confuse many. But not me. Lester’s arrival adds more depth to the A’s’ already elite starting pitching staff that has Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, Jeff Samardzija, and Jason Hammel. As well as […]